• Kayla Wiley

From the Artist: Why do I make work?

"I'm a grown ass child. I'm interested in how my childhood experience affects my adult psyche. When my mother was killed by a drunk driver when I was 5, I learned that life could be lost at any moment, that death smashes life like waves that smash sand into smaller peices. I never fully recovered from my experience of losing her, instead I turned to pursing pleasure in every opportunity I could. In the body of work that I am pursing in my BFA at Portland State University, I am re-examining the specific instance of losing of my mother and it's relationship to my obsession with pleasure.

Treasure all moments;

especially the ones that make you feel naughty.

Open yourself up to the experiece of pleasure and pain.

Life is chaotic, intense, and unpredictable.

You won't understand it, live it and choose to see opportunities in each experince

There are moments that stay with me forever, these works tell of those instances, and the ways that I let myself process them. "

© 2018 by Kayla Wiley

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