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BFA Research and Proposal Pt.1

What is the central idea of your project?






What questions(s) will you address?

Self exploration of what it means to have pleasure, the why's/need's, and the results of pleasure

Why is this work (idea, issue, intuition) important to you? What is at stake for you? For your audience?

Idea: Create a body of work that explores my personal relationship with sex and death



Understanding myself. Figuring out what matters to me and what types of things I have to say, and how I should go about saying them.

I want my audience to think about their own experience in comparison to mine

What is the context of for this work? How does your project relate to current issues in art, culture and/or community?

What artists, cultural or social phenomena, issues, events, experiences, etc. have influenced you? How does the work reflect on to engage them?

Mother's Death - Understand and dealing with the complications of death and the human experience

Breakup - Coping with hardships and loss of love...

Republican V. Democrat - growing up in a a world that is constantly misunderstanding each other

Post Internet age - What is it like growing up in snapchat, Facebook.... what are the repercussions, what is being a millennial, what is the age cut off?

commemoration, fantasy, what is my response to all these things? Have fun.

What kind of research will you do to support the work's creation? Specific books, journals, web, interviews/oral histories, archives, etc. much be cited.

Kinsey Reports, Oral Histories of Mothers, Books on and about Children's Craft, Practicing craft with children

What concepts/theories are you looking at?

Psychosexual Development

Terror Management/Concepts of how we deal with hardships


What current things are happening in society that relate to your work?

Internet, post truth & response in ideas to pleasure

What artists are influencing you?

Anika Yi

Mary Kelly

Yoko Ono

Sophia Calle

Marina Abramovic

Hannah Wilke

What Activities help you sift through information (drawing, photographing, reading, observing, recording, walking, traveling, writing, discussing, questioning, experimenting, collecting, collaborating, etc.)?

Reading, discussing, questioning, experimenting, observing, writing, performing

What is your proposed method of working? How does this process relate to your concept?

Testing/crafting, writing, doing,

What media will you explore? How does choice affect the work? Are you open to other options?


2. Performance

Your BFA Project proposal presents your plan for this body of work and is meant to 1) communicate your intentions to the BFA community of faculty and students and 2) serve as a touchstone for you during the process. Your proposal should reflect your art making interests in terms of ideas, context, media, formal and technical matters. A good proposal does not attempt to determine the outcome of the work you will make. Rather, it is a forward-looking document that lays out the fundamental issues, concerns, questions and influences that are the driving force behind the work and research that will shape your activity in the remainder of the year

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